Basement Light Solution

Save up to 85% of your basement lighting's energy consumption 

Let us help you convert your current basement lighting to an energy efficient Motion Sensor with LED lamp solution and save big in the process.

The problem

Most basement parking lots have lights burning 24/7 and use double channel 58W fluorescent fittings. This means that, with the balast, each light fitting consumes 1,183kW per year.

The solution

Our solution consist of a two tiered approach:
Firstly, by adding motion sensors to the basement lights, you can save between 40% and 70% by automatically switching the lights off when no movement is detected.
Secondly, upgrading your old fluorescent lights to more energy efficient LED tubes can reduce the load by up to 70%.


The combined savings can result in savings up to 85% of the current electrical consumption.

Case Study

We installed a data logger that measured movement and artificial light from existing fluorescent tubes in a basement parking structure at an office complex in Cape Town.

The data loggers showed that if motion sensors were installed, 55% of the electricity consumption by the basement lights with be saved.

Here is an extract of the movement from the report. 

Black indicates movement (with a 10 minute motion sensor 'off' delay). The lights were on for 24 hours per day, as indicated by the white background.

When the data was normalised to a weekly consumption vs. motion, it showed that the lights were on for 168 hours and there was occupancy for only 76 hours (including a 10 minute delay by a motion sensor), resulting in a potential savings of 92 hours per week, or 55%.

The existing 58W fluorescent fittings were replaced with a 20W LED lights and motion sensors, resulting in a combined savings of 86%:

Lamps Motion Sensor Savings Annual Usage 
58W Fluorescent
Total Savings 511kW (86%)


After installation costs, the project ROI was 14 Months.

Download the full report here.