About Us

Eco Sensor is a division of Eco Heat Equipment (Pty) Ltd. Our mission is to enhance quality of life through energy efficient solutions.

Company Values

  1. Integrity
    • Saying what we mean and doing what we say.
    • Honesty and fairness in all communication.
  2. Transparency
    • Transparency of all business practices.
  3. Continuous Improvement
    • We strive to provide you with the highest quality of products, with service to match.
    • Innovation of products and business practices.
  4. Environmental Responsibility
    • We believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but a necessity. We strive, through our products, to decrease our customers' impact on the environment and carbon footprint. We are dedicated to developing products that are energy efficient, helping to preserve our earth for generations to come.
    • Continual exploration and integration of sustainable business practices. We encourage using technology instead of paper trails, and use recycled and recyclable materials at every available opportunity.
  5. Social Responsibility
    • As part of our commitment to make South Africa a better place for all, we donate 1 heater for every 100 we sell. Beneficiaries include schools, hospitals, clinics and others.


B-BBEE Status

Eco Heat is a level 4 contributor